Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Red Box!!!

My bro(Fren) Kaka addicted to Red Box, actually im also the same, last time almost every week must go there once,hehe, but now i study at other sch, some fren go KL study and some working dy so can say my singing gang split

Well tht day Kaka bring along 2 fren cheng lun and also kelvin-- The pro and also his pretty GF Xiao Rong(She very sweet and nice).

讲多无畏la, here is the prove--

Me KAKA Cheng Lun
Kelvin--The pro Me and Xiao Rong^^

And xiao rong also record down a Video which sang by Me and Kelvin, i quite satisfy with it, the song title is "坏人"

Thursday, 9 July 2009

My 21 Birthday.

I would like to thx all my fren because they give me a memorable 21 birthday, i wont forget all my classmate who come along to celebrate wif me and also, im so happy and this is also the 1st time i celebrating my birthday with my friend, for the pat 20 years i just go out having dinner with family only, but this year,

I become a BIG CAKE on that day because my friend mix up BUTTER+FLOUR+EGG and spread it on me,....yucks...till now my shirt still got the smell....T.T but nvm, because i knw my "BIRD" fren sure will gv something special for me, so i cin cai wear on tht day,haha.

Again thx u all!!!! MY fren i will always remember my 21 birthday with u all!!!!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Movie day and Not really look- alike Ladies Night

Wednesday!!! Its a day for Movie and Clubbing, but so fat i jz go clubbing 3 times only... althought i like the feeling but i more sayang my wallet,haha.
Well Transformer 2 is on screen at 24 june which is wednesday but actually we can watch the movie at tuesday, so me ,my classmate and also 2 fren from AUP and HSC decided to watch this movie on wed, well this is also the 1st time i buy 11 ticket ultil GSC need to record down my name and when i ask for reason, they say they scare i resell the ticket at higher price(黄牛票).

Well Transformer 2 is a nice movie, so guys don miss to watch this movie!!!!
At night i go MOIS with 2 classmate and few SP fren, we celebrating KAka Birthday, HAppy BirdDay Kaka, you 21 years old dy, adult dy, can marry wif ah shou liao,haha.

This is the 3rd time i go clubbing, since last time incident 31.12.2008 i promise myself dont drunk again because on 31.12.2008 i sleep inside MOIS since 1am++ and continue sleep at outside till 4am after my fren pull me out at 2 something, and most suay is kena Saman because i simply parking....haiz....shit shit shit my new year present....

Wednesday suppose to have more girls than guy but dono y today 70% of the ppl are guy...OMG.....demand more than supply....really like GAY Night!!!!
Hmm, but i meet a girl beside my desk, she is a very delicate and pretty, long black hair with a sweet smile, but i not have the chance to knw her because there are many FLIES around...zzz, hope to meet u again,haha.

Sad...face CHAN hair Messy........
There are all my high schoolmate, TARC friend and even ex- housemate

Well i still miss my 1st time clubbing experience , i quite enjoying inside there with the music around, too bad my wallet is thin,lol. NIce to meet u all my friend, hope will see u all again soon!!!

Back to Dark Blonde Purple

Arr, my hair color fade again even i dye black color..wired...haiz... my fren suggest me use color shampoo but last time i didnt use it but also can maintain the color. Its look yellowish, i don like this plan to dye again, hmm....

Since the color will fade soon, so i decided to dye dark Blonde Purple, actually i dye this color before and quite satisfy with the result, it look natural and only can see some reddish under the sun, here is the result inside my house>>>

Hope the color will maintain more longer so i noneed waste $$ to redye my hair....

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Lab Cancel AGAIN!!!

Today my Lab cancel again, 6 week already but the lab already cancel 4 times, what a LAZY Lecturer, OOps, cannot say lazy, must say Lecturer BUZY....niama.,....

But i hv a interesting outing wif friends, one of my friends wanna go survey laptop but the car he drive is KANCIL for 2, i wish my car also ISWARA for 2,haha. So i have to drive lo.
Lunch time..where to go leh, at 1st we all plan wanna go to Upper Penang Road there, but i make a wrong turn, so we reach Lorong Selamat there and straightgo there eat the Famous Char Kuay Tiao, its so expansive, 6.50 per plate...but its worth, y leh?? Take a look !!!

And i also order Ice Kacang!!! It taste even more nice when the weather is hot!!!1 plate of char kuay tiao and ice kacang cost RM10 CHUN CHUN, althought its quite expansive but its worth because both food also taste great!!! Especially charcoal-fried Char Kuay Tiao and 3 large prawn!!!

After taking our lunch we continue to go survey Laptop, i saw my dream Laptop which is Dell XPS and HP Pavillion, both also nice, but is i got $$ i sure will change it because my 4 years old laptop is almost out to date....

Okay, its almost 5, and i still gt class at 6, final destination...we go eat Chendol!!!! Noneed guess where la, i think all penang friend should knw Penang road Chandol,haha. I still miss the taste of the fresh coconut milk even i already eat many times, and it only cost MYR 1.70 nia, sibeh tat,haha.

End of story, before this i only will write my blog when im sad, so i seldom update my blog, but now, i think i will keep update it because there is no more sadness in my life!!!!

Friday, 28 November 2008


断了的弦再怎麼连 我的感觉你一定不懂
你的转变像断掉的弦 再怎麼接应都不对 你的改变我能够分辨










Saturday, 15 November 2008


今天心情特别不好.....因为某些事情让我明白我原来我真的那么失败,还有家里的一些事情让我更烦....又要赶去学校赶project.... 烦+心情不好,结果就在highway上用我的高龄车跑一跑,嘻嘻。