Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Red Box!!!

My bro(Fren) Kaka addicted to Red Box, actually im also the same, last time almost every week must go there once,hehe, but now i study at other sch, some fren go KL study and some working dy so can say my singing gang split

Well tht day Kaka bring along 2 fren cheng lun and also kelvin-- The pro and also his pretty GF Xiao Rong(She very sweet and nice).

讲多无畏la, here is the prove--

Me KAKA Cheng Lun
Kelvin--The pro Me and Xiao Rong^^

And xiao rong also record down a Video which sang by Me and Kelvin, i quite satisfy with it, the song title is "坏人"

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Jacyline said...

i tagged u in my blog